October Awareness Month

October is Dyslexia Awareness month! As part of our mission is to raise dyslexia awareness, anyone can raise awareness for dyslexia and no act is too small.  Raising awareness to dyslexia can happen with small daily actions by all of us.  This October we encourage you to do something meaningful to raise awareness awareness in your community.  Then share what you did to help spread the word! 

Dyslexia awareness whether small or large has the potential to draw awareness about dyslexia and may help a child receive the help they need for success along their educational path.

  1. Share your story:  Share your story with a friend, family, or co-worker
  2. Post to your social media during the month of October to raise awareness (article, quote, video link, picture of a famous celebrity)
  3. Place a 1 in 5 sticker on your car window .
  4. Organize with local offices and businesses an informational dyslexia awareness display or bulletin board.  Create a flyer and ask local coffee shops, libraries, community centers to display on their bulletin board.
  5. Reach out to your local library for a dyslexia display.
    1. Read our Library Display Campaign  for step by step ideas on how to organize a dyslexia display with your library.
    2. Click here for various posters to put on display. 
    3. Click for various handouts to put on display.
      1. Understood Fact Sheet (Download)
      2. International Dyslexia Association:  (Fact Sheets)
      3. Yale Center for Dyslexia & Creativity.  Signs of Dyslexia
      4. Dyslexia Literacy Network Testing and Evaluations:  Step by Step Guide
  6. Organize a local parent’s or children’s support group / informational session on dyslexia.  Contact a local coffee shop, restaurant, library or community center for space
  7. Host a movie night /discussion night.  Reach out to your local library, community center
    1. Embracing Dyslexia:  This is an excellent first movie to screen and is free on YouTube Embracing Dyslexia  (or available for $10 on DVD.  Their website includes a ready-made flyer
    2. The Big Picture: Rethinking Dyslexia:  Another excellent film for groups, cost depends on the viewing location.  Their website also includes a ready made flyer
  8. Host a Dyslexia Simulation.  Contact your local IDA branch as they may run a simulation for parents and educators (cost).  Pennsylvania IDA
  9. Create a Light It Up Red Event:  On October 15th show your support for the 1 in 5 students who struggle with dyslexia
    1. Wear RED to celebrate our 1 in 5!
    2. Ask your community to light up a bridge, school, or building in support
    3. Light It Up Red 1 in 5 Facebook
  10. Create a display of successful people with dyslexia and put it on display.  
  11. Brainstorm any other ideas! Let’s use our Out of the box thinkers !!