Brent Sopel Foundation

The Brent Sopel Foundation is dedicated to providing financial and educational assistance to help students with dyslexia fulfill their potential through early detection and intervention.  

The Brent Sopel Story
Brent Sopel is an alumni National Hockey League (NHL) defenseman who played for multiple NHL teams from his initial draft in 1996 through his final NHL season in 2011. Brent was a key defensive part of the 2010 Stanley Cup winning Chicago Blackhawks, and was the NHL Player of the Week in 2001 and 2002.

“Hi.  I’m Brent Sopel and I achieved NHL success without knowing I had dyslexia.  I discovered I had dyslexia when my daughter was diagnosed.  Sadly, I was never diagnosed during my childhood, and hence I never received the appropriate teaching methods for me to be successful at traditional learning.  Because I struggled in school, instead I focused solely on Hockey.  Unfortunately my dyslexia challenges followed me to the NHL and beyond into my next phase of life. Ultimately my dyslexic challenges helped cause personal and family heartache that I am still dealing with today.  You can read my story at The Tribune Players Lost in My Mind.  After you read my story, I hope you will understand why I founded the Brent Sopel Foundation to help people with Dyslexia…and I hope you will Donate to help us help those like me struggling with dyslexia.”

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